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One-piece swimsuit


This bikini is made of rose red elastic fabric, making it both stylish and comfortable. The stretchy material ensures it hugs the body’s curves, providing excellent comfort and support.

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  1. This is a one-shoulder one-piece bikini with a unique and creative design. The top part is strapless and connected by a metal ring in the front, adding a touch of sexiness and modernity. The bottom part is high-waisted, covering more of the body while highlighting the waist’s beautiful curves.
  2. The bikini features a bold cut-out on one side, exposing part of the abdomen, which adds to the overall fashion and sensuality. This asymmetric design is very distinctive and eye-catching.

This bikini is perfect for women who seek unique designs and a sense of fashion, making it an ideal choice to showcase a distinctive style at the beach or pool parties.


Rose red


L, M, XL


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